Plain Mary Jane Homeschool


Do you ever scroll through social media looking for homeschool inspiration and end up feeling defeated?   Doesn’t it look like everyone else has the best resources, the latest educational technology,  the prettiest homeschool room, and kids that sit properly in chairs and write neatly the first time?  Then there’s you.   You’re doomed before you’ve even begun.  Your homeschool budget is microscopic,  you do school at the kitchen table (after you move the crumbs aside), and you don’t want to post a picture of your kids in their pjs at 1pm.  Ugh.

Deep breath, now.


I have been there.  I’ve fallen into the trap of becoming discontented with my homeschool because I saw something that appeared bigger and better.  I thought I had to change to suit what I saw going on around me.  Everyone else had a fabulous homeschool and mine was just blah.

Stop thinking you have to live another family’s life and homeschool.   Live your own.   Discontent will wear you down.

The biggest gift I’ve ever given myself as a homeschool mom is to accept what my OWN reality is, what my family circumstances are, and work with and appreciate the unique blessings that God has bestowed on my homeschool.  I’ve found contentment in this, and renewed energy to do the best I can for my children.

Please give yourself the same gift.  Work with what God has given you.  A positive attitude and daily connection with God will go farther towards creating a joyful, vibrant learning environment than the latest resources alone could ever accomplish.

Some families have a homeschool like a pair of sleek, custom-fitted Italian leather heels.  Or like a pair of heavy-duty motorcycle boots.  That’s great! My homeschool is more like a pair of plain mary jane style shoes.  Simple, comfortable and serviceable.  Gets us where we need to go.    Sometimes my homeschool gets a little scuffed and worn, so I take some time to polish it up.  Maybe add a new insole.  Then we go happily on our way.  Mary Janes aren’t for everyone, but they are perfect for my family.  Praise God.






One thought on “Plain Mary Jane Homeschool

  1. Thank you for sharing! When I first started homeschooling last year, I was looking into everything and carefully bought mixes of curriculum online and also downloaded free curriculum only not to use half of it. I gradually started to see what worked for my children and we were the family that homeschooled right at the table, sometimes with crumbs on the side…lol…and yes do what works for the family and less of looking to see how I can have a great homeschool room when I do not have the space. Trust in God and follow in his footsteps and He will lead and guide in the right direction.


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