Family Worship as Homeschool Teacher Training

The importance of Bible instruction in the home needs no explanation for any Christian parent. We happily teach our littlest ones simple Bible stories and sing Bible songs to them. As they grow, we work on having a vibrant family worship/Bible study time at home.  Later, when parents start to think about a formal education for their child and they consider homeschooling, they often write themselves off as having no teaching ability or skills.  Wrong!   What many parents don’t realize that family worship and Bible study is where one begins to develop and strengthen skills as a teacher.  Future homeschooling parents, you have already started your “student teaching” with family worship!


Remember when you stood in the ABC at camp meeting trying to decide which devotional book or study guide would work best?  That was the beginning of learning to evaluate curriculum.  As you plan worship and Bible study times for your family, you are developing your lesson planning skills.   When you find that a particular book or activity does not meet the needs of your child and you adapt what you are doing to a video or song- that is simply adjusting the curriculum to meet the learning style of your child.  The time spent on preparing Bible crafts or learning finger plays does more than simply make Bible learning time more special for our children. These creative efforts for Bible study plant seeds for future inspiration – which leads to creative science or history lessons.

Be encouraged.  Look at your family worship time with new eyes.  It holds more blessings than you realize.  Consider how you are developing skills that will easily transfer over to math and reading lessons.

One thought on “Family Worship as Homeschool Teacher Training

  1. Amen! Absolutely and right on point! It does teach you as the parenr teacher in what to do in training up the child. And also builds skills for the parent as with homeschooling children! Amen!


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