Growing in the Garden ~ Don’t Stop Now, Cilantro!

I love cilantro.  I like the grassy undertone it gives to  fresh pico de gallo.   I especially enjoy whole cilantro leaves scattered throughout a green salad-yum!   Several in my family do not share my enthusiasm for cilantro.    It’s not that they have unrefined palates, it’s just that to them cilantro tastes bitter and soapy.   It’s a genetic thing.  That’s okay, more for me!

My cilantro plant has served me well all winter long, happily sharing bucket space with a few slow-growing leeks.    Now that we are on the leading edge of summer, my cilantro plant has decided to bolt.  It has shot up in ragged fashion  and started to produce flowers.   It is going to seed.   That is to be expected, as cilantro is a cool-season herb.

It is tempting to pull the cilantro plant and trash it, as its leaves are no longer tender and tasty.  Compared to my basil, thyme, and oregano, this poor plant is a mess.  Get rid of it!

If I trashed the plant now, I’d miss out on a blessing.   Did you know that cilantro is the name of the leaves, but the plant is actually coriander?  Yes, the spice coriander!  If I let the plant continue going to seed, I will be able to get a small harvest of coriander seed.

Don’t stop now cilantro!  Keep bolting, keep growing!

Some days I feel like cilantro- ragged and leggy compared to the ‘beauty’ around me.  But then I remember that God has a purpose for my life.  He wants me to keep going, keep growing.  If I allow Him to, God will produce a beautiful harvest in me.  I’ll be coriander!  Praise the Lord, He’s not finished with me yet.



2 thoughts on “Growing in the Garden ~ Don’t Stop Now, Cilantro!

  1. It was brought to mind that sometimes as we grow, we go through some unruly times ourselves… it’s easy to say, “Enough I don’t like this,” and not gain the benefit of growing by keeping on with the path set before us!


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