Growing In the Garden- Pole Bean Perseverance

All winter long I made grand bean-growing plans. Come spring, I was going to have an abundance of fresh tender green pods.  After looking over my seed stash, I made my choices.   My planting list  both bush and pole flat Romano beans as well as pole yard-long beans .

Beans generally have one of two types of growing habits: bush or pole.  Bush beans grow with a bushy habit, usually no more than 2 ft tall.  Bush beans will occasionally send out tendrils, but don’t need the support of a trellis.   Pole beans, on the other hand, can easily grow to 6 to 8 ft tall- even more if growing conditions are optimal. Pole beans feature lots of vining tendrils that will grab whatever support it can find to help it climb.

My DIY cattle panel trellis.

In late winter I erected a cattle panel trellis for the pole beans.  I prepared the soil at the foot of the trellis for planting.  Soon it was warm enough for bean germination.  I planted pole Romano beans on one side of the trellis and pole yard-long beans on the other side.  And then I waited. Nothing.  In the meantime I planted bush Romano beans.  The bush beans germinated and popped through the soil.  Pole beans, nothing.  After amending the soil a second time, I replanted another set of both pole  beans, thinking perhaps I had used seed that was too old.  I waited, and again nothing.  I planted one side a third time with pole Romano beans.  Still nothing.  Strange!  Meanwhile the bush Romano beans grew quickly, began to flower and produce beans.

I planted a fourth packet of beans on one side of the trellis, this time a packet of traditional green beans- Blue Lake pole beans.  On the other side, I planted an old packet of cucumbers.  For fun, I threw out a few nasturtium seeds.  Amazingly, everything in the 4th planting germinated!

In a few weeks my trellis will be filled with a wild mix of edible flowers, cucumbers and beans.  I think I will like this crazy mix even more than what I originally had planned.  What if I had given up after the first packet of seeds did not come up?

I wanted something to grow on my DIY trellis so badly that I just kept planting and planting until I achieved success.  I just kept going.

This experience with pole beans has given me much food for spiritual thought.   I need to have this same determination in my walk with Christ and my witness for Him. My quest for a Christ-like character can’t stop at the first sign of discouragement.  I must keep going, keep trying, keep persevering!    I need to keep planting seeds of His Love everywhere I go.  Amending the soil of hardened hearts in those I encounter with kindness and unselfish service.  This is not the time to quit.  Keep planting!

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

-Galatians 6:9





One thought on “Growing In the Garden- Pole Bean Perseverance

  1. Love it! We are using cattle panels, too! This year my test is with peas. I planted a month ago and I was just about to replant when yesterday I noticed some new pea shoots. So glad I was busy with other things to be patient enough for those peas!


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