The Civil War Trust – A US History Resource

Between middle school and high school,  many homeschoolers cover  US history twice and US Government once.   That means a need for wide variety of Civil War resources.  Fortunately, the Civil War Trust website has it all.  Click on the Education link and you will discover primary source documents, animated maps, photographs, videos, quizzes- more than enough material for either a survey of the Civil War period or an in-depth study.  The teacher lesson plans are categorized by grade level from elementary to high school.  There are even gifted and talented level lesson plans for the student that needs a challenge.  The printable and downloadable lesson plans are organized by themes and include links to worksheets and media supplements.

If you prefer to use only non-fiction materials in your history studies, you will find everything you need on this site.  Your Civil War study can focus on reading and analyzing primary sources with a wealth of newspaper opinion pieces, letters, speeches and other historic  documents available.  If you happen to own a pair of 3-D glasses, you will find the stereoview photographs- the 19th century version of 3-D photography to be especially intriguing.

The Civil War Trust is more than just an amazing history resource.  The Trust also has a goal of reclaiming and preserving important Civil War sites throughout America.  So far, they have saved more than 40,000 acres. Impressive.  This is a must-bookmark website.


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