Seashore Adventures Science Camp – For Homeschoolers In/Near California

Seashore Home School Camp at Albion Marine Station in Northern California is coming up June 5-10, 2016. They do have a few cabins left. This could be a once in a lifetime experience for some kids, as they don’t offer it very often. We’ll be tide-pooling in the mornings and there are classes are for all ages from 3-18.


“Announcing the 55th Home School Science Camp and Outdoor Education Week.  Come join us at the Albion Field Station for an unforgettable experience exploring God’s world at the edge of the sea . Come away from the library, from inside the house, and learn more about God’s Creation while you’re right out in it!  Meet some other home schoolers who intend to have some serious fun, tidepooling and learning about the creatures that live between the tides.  Schedule includes worship, early morning tidepooling, class instruction, and outdoor nature study activities. Camp Orchestra: If you play an orchestra instrument, we are going to have a camp ORCHESTRA for this camp to play for the song services and to do a special number for the program. Be sure to sign up for this if you want to participate so you can get the music ahead of time to practice AND so we can plan on you.”

The link to the application

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