Three Easy Ways to Get Started With Nature Study

Interested in adding nature study to your homeschool program, but don’t know where to start?  Here are three easy ideas that can get you on your way.  Don’t forget to check the links beneath each idea – they will help you expand on your nature study project.

nature study1

1.Plant a Seed – Take a wet paper towel or coffee filter and place a seed (or two) in the center.  Place the towel in a zip-close sandwich bag and place in on a sunny windowsill.   Watch the progress daily to see how the seed germinates. A magnifying glass make daily observation feel even more scientific.   Easy nature study!    Extend the learning by placing other sandwich bags in different environments- the freezer or a dark drawer – for example,  to see what happens.

Science Using Seeds

Germination and Inquiry


2. Find a Tree- This activity requires a small amount of advance preparation. Choose  a park or yard with a variety of trees and collect a leaf or needle from several of the trees.   Have your children take the leaves and match them to the correct tree.

What Tree is That?  Online field guide to trees

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees


3. Set out a bird feeder- Think there are no wild birds around your home?   Make a simple bird feeder, fill it with seed and be amazed at who arrives to have a snack!   Be patient, it might take a few days for birds to realize that a feeder has been set up.   Different types of feed attract different birds – can you attract your favorite?

Project FeederWatch: Common Feeder Birds

Free downloadable poster of common feeder birds


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