Motivation Monday

In His wisdom the Lord has decreed that the family shall be the greatest of all educational agencies. The education of the child is to be begun in the home. In the home the child is to learn the lessons that are to guide it through life. From infancy lessons of honor and obedience to parents are to be taught. Never should their children be allowed to show them disrespect. Self-will and hasty words should not be allowed to go unrebuked.


Parents should realize the sacredness of family discipline. They have been entrusted with a most important stewardship, a sacred charge. They are to make their family a symbol of the family in heaven, of which they hope to become members when their day of test and trial here below shall have ended. The children are to be taught to respect themselves, because they are the Lord’s property, bought with an infinite price.

Pacific Union Recorder – August 18, 1910

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