Resources for Your College-Bound Writers

College- level writing is a challenge for many college freshmen.  The first assigned research paper can be a seemingly insurmountable barrier to success.   The expectation will be that they know how to properly use in-text citations, to prepare bibliographies and have a basic grasp of writing process.   The use of basic grammar and usage rules that are reflected in a college-level writing style will also be a given.   The following three resources are extremely useful for preparing your student to be a confident writer.

a writer

OWL -The Purdue Online Writing Lab is one of the best college writing resources available on the web.   There are APA and MLA  formatting guides,  mechanics/grammar practice exercises and even a full collection of materials specifically for writers in grades 7-12. There are also some very helpful vidcasts to add to your YouTube playlist.  This website is a ‘must bookmark’ resource and deserves a dedicated hour of browsing.

A small buff-colored paperback entitled, The Elements of Style is often a part of the first set of textbooks a college freshman purchases.  This classic reference book on usage and composition is available free online.   It provides a good overview of the basic knowledge that college-level writers need.   This would be excellent to use with a high school senior- these lessons created by a homeschooling parent to go with the book are excellent! (Scroll down to find the assignments.)

BibMe. Bookmark this link! It is a FREE fully automatic bibliography maker.   An easy and quick way to generate citations and create  a printable works cited page.   Seriously, bookmark this link!






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