First Things First: A Spiritual Foundations Link-Up

It is back-to-school time for so many SDA homeschool families in North America and around the world.  There are parents busily working on lesson planning, buying supplies and evaluating potential curriculum.    But have we forgotten the most important thing in preparing for the new school year?   I’ve gathered a few links that remind me that we must always remember to put first things first in our homeschooling efforts.  Have we worked to lay a proper spiritual foundation for our homeschools?

bible“Do you turn to Google or God first?”  The blog post, Have You Prayed Over Your Homeschool , asks an important (and convicting) question.

God has given us wonderful promises in the Bible that we can apply to our homeschools.  Life of a Homeschool Mom shares 12 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Homeschool.   Let’s claim God’s promises!

Here’s a nice printable to add to your planning book:  the Homeschool Mom’s Prayer Lifeline.  It’s a prayer calendar reminding you to pray for specific aspects your child’s homeschool education: character, relationships, etc.

Have you taken the time to consider the principles taught in the book Education, by E.G. White?   It is a must for every SDA homeschooling family.  This audio book version of Education will allow you to download and listen while you fold laundry, cook a meal or take a walk.




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