Ten Principles of True Education Summer Mini-Course

Come join us for the Ten Principles of True Education Summer Mini-Course!

Have you ever wondered what True Education means? What is it exactly? Some have looked at the SonLight Education Ministry materials and felt overwhelmed and find the materials hard to work with. When posed with, “Read the catalogue” or “Complete the Ten Principles of Education teaching course,” some immediately feel overwhelmed when you simply want to get a sense of what this is all about.

Well, this summer we will be offering a mini-course on the Ten Principles of True Education on the AHE Blog. This is meant to be an introduction for you to help you understand True Education. Some resources will be included to help you dig deeper into each topic area, should you choose to do so.  We will begin Sunday June 7th, 2015. We will post a new post each Sunday, going through the 10 Principles that are cited in the Ten Principles of Education teaching course by SonLight Education Ministry. We encourage you to post comments on the blog. Some questions will be posted for you to think about.  Resources will be shared in the comment section as well.  We will take time to answer questions that you leave there. Yolanda, our AHE-Living group moderator, and also a SonLight counselor, will be sharing this shortened version of the Ten Principles of Education course.

Sign up to follow the AHE Blog so you don’t miss a post! You can also follow the AHE Facebook page or the SonLight Education Ministry Facebook page as we will be posting the blog post links at both locations.  Links you need are at the end of this post.

Deeper Study

For those that want to dig deeper, a corresponding deeper study is going to follow along with the mini-course at the SonLight Education Ministry – SDA Facebook group. There will be deeper discussions over there and additional resources shared. Some are ready for this step, others are not. We offer both options for you so that you can choose what is best for you. The mini-course is designed to give you an overall look at True Education so you can see it really isn’t all that hard. We can all agree that within our scope of teaching, we know we each have talents and gifts the Lord has given us. Some of us need to study a little deeper in different areas of True Education, to get a better outcome. That is what the deeper study going on in the Facebook Group is doing, as they will be digging into the actual Ten Principles of True Education training course.

Teresa, another one of the SonLight counselors, is sharing a video series that walks you through the Ten Principles of Education training course.  These will be discussed at the Facebook Group mentioned above.  She is taping them on a tablet, so it is not professionally done, but I think you will still appreciate the wisdom she shares.  The introductory videos to the Ten Principles of Education training course video series are below.  We will share her videos with each chapter that we discuss as we go along.

Introduction video 1

Introduction video 2

Introduction video 3

Introduction video 4

Introduction video 5

Introduction video 6

Introduction video 7


Links You Will Need

See the links below to find the resources you need to follow this summer’s adventures with digging into True Education!

SEM’s Google Drive (where you can find the SonLight Education Ministry materials, including the Ten Principles of Education training course.)

AHE’s Facebook Page (Adventist Home Educators)

SEM’s Facebook Page (SonLight Education Ministry)

SonLight Education Ministry – SDA Facebook Group (for deeper study)


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