Create Your Own History Curriculum – A Record of Your Study

I hope this week’s posts have encouraged and inspired you to consider creating your own history curriculum! You can do it!

create historyFinal Tip: Record of Your Study- How do you want to keep a record of your study? A photo album, a blog, a series of recordings? There are countless ways that your child can come up with a ‘product’. Here is where your understanding of your child’s learning style can come into play. Some children will enjoy creating a series of lapbooks or notebooking style scrapbooks. Others will give presentations or speeches. Some will actually want to write essays! A timeline notebook is fun too. Your child can create any combination of products to show their understanding of the course. That’s where the real fun will begin.

Here are a few more ideas of potential ‘products’ :

Short-answer essay questions
Brief summaries
Journal response; literary journal reflections
Essays, stories, or poems
Advertisement analysis
Biography/Autobiography analysis
Argument analysis / rubric
Analyzing primary sources
Analysis of painting
Film analysis
Speech critiques
Art exhibit or portfolio
Models; another example
Musical compositions
Photo compositions
Map construction / rubric
Newscasts; another example
Editorials; another example
Posters; another example; another example / rubric
Pamplets; another example
Brochures; another example / rubric
Videos / rubric
Books; Booklets
Timelines; another example / rubric
Issue awareness campaigns
Letter writing; persuasive letter writing; complaint letter
Advice letter; letter to Congress; letter to Emperor

TO DO:  * Get to know your child’s learning style and use that information to help decide what types of ‘products’ your child will create as a record of his/her study.

For example, my linguistic learner will create a newspaper highlighting major battles and events of the American Revolution.

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