They Heard What I Was Saying

Ever wonder if your children are really listening?  If the lessons that you work hard to prepare and teach them stick in their minds?  I’m pretty sure that like me, most homeschooling parents experience occasional  moments of misgivings and worry.


Earlier this week I took my three children to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science .   As we wandered the four floors of exhibit halls taking part in interactive displays and activities, I repeatedly heard them say to each other-

“Remember when Mom told us about this?”

“I know about that from our science book!”

“We read about that at home.”

“This is just like XYZ that we did at home!”


It was worth the price of admission to hear my children say those words over and over all throughout the museum.

Not only were they listening, they truly heard what I was saying.

Hang in there, homeschooling parents.




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