Motivation Monday

bible“We are teaching lessons to the children which we wish them to copy. If we wish our children to be chaste, pure-minded, and noble, we must be so ourselves. If we are impostors, professing to be children of God, while our impatience, fretfulness, and deception stamp us children of Satan, our children will be no better than we. All efforts of parents should be to go forward to perfection of Christian character. The standard at which we aim must be high. The only means of purifying the life and character is to be like-minded with Jesus. The mind and will of God are found revealed in his word. Shall we study it? Shall we teach it to our children? The word of God! the grand rule of life, the measurement of character! Would I could place it in the hands of every father and mother in our land.”

The Review and Herald – April 14, 1885

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