Wish Books for Science-Minded Homeschoolers

I see youWhen I was young, I looked forward to the arrival of the fall department store catalogs in the mail.  I would spend hours poring over the ‘wish books’ making lists of things that I wanted to save up to buy.

I consider these science catalogs are the equivalent of wish books for science-minded homeschoolers.  We love to get all four of these catalogs in the mail!   My children have marked the pages with kits or equipment that looks exciting to them and made lists of items to save up to purchase.  I’ll readily admit that I’ve marked up these science catalogs as well, with all the science curriculum kits, materialsscience 3 and supplements that I’d like to use.    I have ordered curriculum materials, lab equipment, microscope slides, dissections sets, etc. from these companies as well and have been nothing but satisfied.

I’ve linked to the catalog request portion of each site, but these companies also have online catalogs as well for immediate browsing.

Nasco  Science Resources

Home Science Tools

Nature’s Workshop Plus!

Carolina Biological


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