Inspiration and Helpful Tips for Homeschool Fathers

We don’t talk enough about homeschooling fathers.  Nor inspire or encourage them enough, especially since most of them must leave the home each day to provide for the family.  Fathers, add these links to your summer reading list, and be reminded of the important role you play in your children’s lives.

Children neeMan and Child Having fun in the park.d more of their fathers and fathers need more of their children.“The first sentence of Gary Wyatt’s article is so true!  The habits that Wyatt encourages homeschooling fathers to develop are timeless.

It is a challenge for a working father to stay closely involved in homeschooling his children.  The title of Sarah Toney’s article, Involving Dad: Tips for the Working Father focuses on Dad, but her tips also give Mom some work to do.  A great read for both parents.

The late Chris Klicka has left a lasting spiritual legacy in his Top Ten Tips for Homeschool Dads article.  He was a lawyer for the HSLDA at the time of his death, which gives the foundation for his 10th tip.  His tips are ones that Christian homeschooling fathers should read and re-read often.

Homeschooling Fathers: How Dads Can Help Struggling Readers gives 5 ways a father can help his children with reading.  You don’t have to wait until the school year starts to implement these tips – now is a great time to start.


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