Simply Plan It!

Have you ever considered how special Little Lad’s mother felt when she realized that the dough she had kneaded into barley cakes was touched and blessed by the hands of Jesus and then multiplied to feed more than five thousand people? To think about it gives me goose bumps. What a privilege! But, none of that would have happened if that wise mother had been like the rest of the five thousand and hadn’t taken a little time to plan what her son would eat for lunch.

This talk, given by Gwen Reeves (my very own mother), takes lessons from the story of the feeding of the five thousand to teach the importance of making a plan.

[audio |titles=Simply Plan It! |artists=Gwen Reeves|initialvolume=100|animation=no]

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Simply Plan It | Recorded Jun 15, 2013 | by Gwen Reeves | at Lynnwood SDA Church

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