Take Your Children Out into the Gardens

“You should take your children
out into the gardens,
and show them the beautiful flowers
that God has made.
God is the great master artist,
and the pictures which are painted by human artists
and admired by the world,
are only feeble imitations of the works of God.
God daily works miracles before us
in the unfolding of the blossoms;
for no human hand can paint
such delicate hues,
or fashion such graceful plants

All this speaks of the work
of the divine Artist,
and each flower is an expression
of the love of God to us.
God has designed to
make us happy.
He has covered the earth
with the beautiful green verdure;
for he knew that this color
would be grateful to our senses.
Each beautiful thing in nature
is a token of God’s love and care.
So take your children out into the open air
beneath the canopy of the heavens,
under the noble trees,
into the gardens,
and point them
through nature
up to nature’s God.
Carry their minds up
to contemplate the works of God
in nature
that they may learn to
love him
in their childhood and youth.”

Review and Herald, February 23, 1892

Heartfelt thanks goes to Barbara at A Wildflower Morning for sharing with us this beautiful quote coupled with her lovely photography.   Originally posted on her blog on 3/9/11.

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