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Sabbath Playlist~ The Purpose, Privilege and Principles of Homeschooling

Considering homeschooling for the very first time?  Thinking about what homeschooling can mean for your household?  What main goal should parents be striving towards when homeschooling?  Tom and Alane Waters of Restoration International inspire and encourage in a  past talk that reminds us that Christian homeschooling is much more than just choosing curriculum.   The link below takes you to their talk hosted on Audioverse.

Click HERE for The Purpose, Privilege and Purpose of Homeschooling


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Family Worship as Homeschool Teacher Training

The importance of Bible instruction in the home needs no explanation for any Christian parent. We happily teach our littlest ones simple Bible stories and sing Bible songs to them. As they grow, we work on having a vibrant family worship/Bible study time at home.  Later, when parents start to think about a formal education for their child and they consider homeschooling, they often write themselves off as having no teaching ability or skills.  Wrong!   What many parents don’t realize that family worship and Bible study is where one begins to develop and strengthen skills as a teacher.  Future homeschooling parents, you have already started your “student teaching” with family worship!


Remember when you stood in the ABC at camp meeting trying to decide which devotional book or study guide would work best?  That was the beginning of learning to evaluate curriculum.  As you plan worship and Bible study times for your family, you are developing your lesson planning skills.   When you find that a particular book or activity does not meet the needs of your child and you adapt what you are doing to a video or song- that is simply adjusting the curriculum to meet the learning style of your child.  The time spent on preparing Bible crafts or learning finger plays does more than simply make Bible learning time more special for our children. These creative efforts for Bible study plant seeds for future inspiration – which leads to creative science or history lessons.

Be encouraged.  Look at your family worship time with new eyes.  It holds more blessings than you realize.  Consider how you are developing skills that will easily transfer over to math and reading lessons.

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Where Do I Start? The First Four Lessons for New Homeschoolers

One of the first questions asked by new homeschooling parents is, “Where do I start?” Most are thinking the answer will guide them to the best set of workbooks, curriculum set, or videos.  As Seventh-day Adventist homeschoolers, we have been blessed with inspired answers on the subject in  Child Guidance   and  Education .   Sadly, this inspired guidance is often ignored and worldly advice is taken first instead.  Don’t miss out on the eternal benefits that come from these valuable first lessons!  They will lay a foundation for a blessed homeschool experience.

Are your children older and you have recently chosen to take them out of a classroom setting?  These  first lessons still hold true!  Focus your ‘deschooling’ transition time on these four lessons as you establish your homeschool,  learn your children’s learning styles and homeschooling needs.  Simply adapt to your children’s age.

There are parents who have learned this information long after starting to homeschool.  They took a break from academics to make these lessons a habit before resuming their regular curriculum.  Sounds radical at first, but makes total sense.


The important lessons that come before teaching our little ones to read and write.

Setting the Table

 Obedience & Responsibility

Obedience and responsibility are the very first lessons we should teach our children. Diligent, daily work as parents at teaching our young children to obey and become useful, reliable members of the family is essential. These character-building lessons are spiritually important, because they help our children also learn to obey God and take the responsibilities of the Christian life seriously. When the time comes for our children to begin their formal academic education, the transition will be smoother and we as parents will find our new roles as reading and math teachers to be more enjoyable.


Mother and Son Reading Bible Together


As Christian parents, the importance of Bible instruction in the home needs no explanation. What we fail to remember is that this is where we as parents can begin to develop and strengthen our skills as teachers. As we plan our worship and Bible study times for our families, we are working on our lesson planning skills. The time spent on preparing Bible crafts or learning finger plays does more than simply make Bible learning time more special for our children. These creative efforts for Bible study plant seeds for future inspiration – which leads to creative science or history lessons.

Nature Study

The idea of nature study is intimidating to some parents, but the opportunities it affords are priceless. Because we know thatfile000767038449 nature is God’s second book, we can think of nature study as a supplement to our Bible lessons. As we introduce our little ones to the wonders of the world around them, we are establishing a distinctly Christian worldview in their hearts and minds. In addition, we are gently awakening observation skills, and strengthening thinking and reasoning skills at the same time. We can develop these important learning skills in young ones who are not yet ready for formal academic study.



Following these principles of True Education will lay a sure foundation for your homeschool.   Put it to prayer.

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Lunch and Learn Q&A – Tomorrow @ Noon EST

Need help getting started with Sonlight Education Ministry materials?  Join Sonlight counselor Yolanda on Periscope for a Lunch and Learn  Q&A – Friday, December 9th at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.   The focus for this lunch and learn will be on the Road Map and Route– have your questions ready!  If you are not able to participate in tomorrow’s lunch and learn, you may leave a question for Yolanda on the Sonlight Education Ministry Facebook page and watch the replay at your convenience.


You can find Yolanda’s Periscope page HERE as well as download the app to able to participate.

Link to the Road Map and Route

Another lunch and learn Periscope session is scheduled for December 30th.

See you tomorrow!




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Did You Miss the Agriculture Conference?

Good news, many of the videos have been posted so you can catch up on what you missed!  I highly recommend the video from Thursday morning entitled,  Back To School: The ABCs of Agriculture in Childhood Education.  Here’s the link you need:  Agriculture Conference Replays

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A Gentle Suggestion for Getting Started With Homeschooling

Dear new homeschooling parent,

Would you mind  a suggestion on getting started with homeschooling?  Especially those of you with younger elementary-aged children?   Okay- here it is.

Green apple on booksStart slowly.  Ease into your new schedule/lifestyle.  Start with Bible,  then a little bit of reading and math.  Perhaps 15-20 minutes each of reading or math, and then put the books away for the day. Go for a walk, play with some Legos,  paint, color – go have fun.     Save the science and history and everything else for later.  A week or two later, maybe a month later.

Going from “0 to 60”  in one day with homeschooling can very easily leave a new homeschooling parent feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.   Just because the parent manual lists 6 subjects to be taught on the first day does not mean you have to do exactly that.   The transition to homeschooling can be much easier on you and your child if you take it slow and steady.

It will all get done – trust me, it will.    It just doesn’t have to all be done TODAY.

Blessings on your homeschool journey,


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Have You Read ‘Education’ Lately?

Our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range. There is need of a broader scope, a higher aim. True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”   ~Education, pg 13


When was the last time you read the book Education by Ellen G White?   Some SDA homeschool families read this regularly for inspiration, encouragement, and direction for their homeschool program.     If you have never read Education, please make the time to do so.  It is a must-read for all SDA homeschool parents.  You will be blessed.  You can read Education online HERE and HERE.