Encounter Series- A 4-year Bible/SOP Reading Plan

The Encounter Series is a AY/Pathfinder Club reading plan that works very well as a Bible Curriculum for middle and high school aged students.   The series is a four-year plan that combines reading the Bible with the corresponding Spirit of Prophecy books.  Each link below leads to a printable .pdf reading checklist for each day of the year.

Christ The Way – The four Gospels and Desire of Ages

Christ The Church- Acts to Revelation and  Acts of the Apostles, The Great Controversy

Christ Our Redemption – First half of the Old Testament and Patriarchs and Prophets

Christ Our Hope – Last half of the Old Testament and Prophets and Kings

Edited 4-14, 2021:  We’ve had problems with many of the links on this page, please follow this link to a different post which has the correct links for the Encounter Series.  NEW LINK

sop-books-bible-and-candleLinks to online &  audio versions of the Spirit of Prophecy books:

E.G. White Estate -online reading link

Cornerstone Connections -online, ebook and audio versions in modern English

EllenWhiteAudio.org -audio versions

7 thoughts on “Encounter Series- A 4-year Bible/SOP Reading Plan

  1. It looks like the link for Series 2 is the same attachment as the link for Series 3. I am unable to find a pdf for Series 2.


  2. UGH, Non of the bible reading plan links work when I click on them. Christ the Way, Church, Our Redemption, Our Hope – all redirect to; “Server Error in ‘/’ Application. The resource cannot be found.” Please repair the link. I would like to have these resources for my small group. God bless and thank you.


  3. It would be useful if you updated the links to the encounter series directly so people are not frustrated because your links are taking them nowhere.


    1. We’re so sorry! I have edited the post with the link to a different post that has the correct links, I believe it was on a different comment. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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