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Encounter Series- A 4-year Bible/SOP Reading Plan

The Encounter Series is a AY/Pathfinder Club reading plan that works very well as a Bible Curriculum for middle and high school aged students.   The series is a four-year plan that combines reading the Bible with the corresponding Spirit of Prophecy books.  Each link below leads to a printable .pdf reading checklist for each day of the year.

Christ The Way – The four Gospels and Desire of Ages

Christ The Church– Acts to Revelation and  Acts of the Apostles, The Great Controversy

Christ Our Redemption – First half of the Old Testament and Patriarchs and Prophets

Christ Our Hope – Last half of the Old Testament and Prophets and Kings

sop-books-bible-and-candleLinks to online &  audio versions of the Spirit of Prophecy books:

E.G. White Estate -online reading link

Cornerstone Connections -online, ebook and audio versions in modern English -audio versions



5 thoughts on “Encounter Series- A 4-year Bible/SOP Reading Plan”

  1. It looks like the link for Series 2 is the same attachment as the link for Series 3. I am unable to find a pdf for Series 2.


  2. UGH, Non of the bible reading plan links work when I click on them. Christ the Way, Church, Our Redemption, Our Hope – all redirect to; “Server Error in ‘/’ Application. The resource cannot be found.” Please repair the link. I would like to have these resources for my small group. God bless and thank you.


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